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Altijd net een beetje anders

New York

Friday-evening in Manhattan

Two days after my lovely birthday, it was time for a night out. As we are not in our twenties anymore, we started our night out in the afternoon. At around 5pm we arrived at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in Midtown Manhattan. Unfortunately, the expositions were not of great interest to us. We like modern photography and not old pictures of the 1920’s or 30’s. So we finished quickly and wandered for a while through their great bookstore. We both love to look at beautiful pictures, so we were lost for a couple of minutes going through different books. Then we went across the street to look for more photographs at the ICP school and ended up in their basement. We had a nice chat with two employees about their courses and free events.

When we were back at the street, we decided we could take in more photography. We went up to the Museum of Modern Art, also known as MoMA, which is free on Fridays. Normally, a ticket costs 25 US dollars. It is also one of the most crowded times to visit this museum. We went straight to the photo gallery. Unfortunately, they only had pictures of the 19th century. But luckily, there is a lot more to see and to do. So, we strolled through the museum and saw nice paintings by Picasso, Miro and Monet.

After that, we were getting hungry and decided to travel to Lower Manhattan. We had planned to visit a Surinamese friend, who is a musician and had his monthly gig at the Zinc bar at 82 West 3rd street (Greenwich village). M. knew a lovely Italian restaurant nearby and when we arrived there I knew again that we love the same type of restaurants. Caffe Reggio, at 119 MacDougal Street, is a place to come back to. It has a 1930’s Italian feeling to it with the green colors, the metal work and small tables. We sat down in a small alcove and enjoyed a good Italian wine together with a cheese and meat platter. We saw two people having a blind date and speculated if it was going to be a success or not. After our romantic small diner, which ended of course with a real Italian tiramisu, we walked to the Zinc bar.

The venue is exactly as you see in the movies when people go to a bar to see a small performance. You come in, go down into a sort of basement and walk past the bar. Then you go another two or three steps down in an area with small tables and nice chairs. We finally sat down at a bench with a good view on the stage. I had a smashing cocktail named ‘Birth of Control’, which contained vodka and different juices. The band members arrived and started playing some fantastic Afro Jazz. Soon we were drawn into dancing. We danced our butts off on the African and Caribbean rhythms. I was asked to come on stage to show that women dance better than men, but I didn’t dare. When it was time for the guys, my love did not dare to come up either and some other guy did his moves. We laughed, danced and enjoyed the music very much.

After the second session we got tired and decided to go home. The next day we both had some muscle pain because of all the dancing we had done, but it felt really good. A night to repeat.

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  1. Ha Heleen wat leuk je verjaardag in NY. Dat ga ik ook doen maar dan 1 juni aanstaande!

  2. HUGE

    Grappig, je eerste blog in de wij-vorm, dat is even wennen 😉

    Heb nog een tip voor je voor je reis naar Brazilie, een heel goed boek over verleden, heden en recente politieke geschiedenis van Brazilie: A death in Brazil – Peter Robb


    • M. heeft dit keer ook meegeholpen door mijn Engelse tekst te lezen en correcties aan te brengen… En tsja zonder hem was die avond niet zo leuk geworden!! 🙂 En het begint steeds leuker en normaler te worden om in ‘wij’ te praten haha….

  3. stanley

    als je Sur. keuken mist, probeer in de Guyanese wijk, voormalig warung kario nu caribean restaurant, 128-12 Liberty ave. Queens, NY. Wel wat aantal blokken lopen naar binnen. Onderweg zat van Guyanese roti tenten en ook nog kwie kwies aan de andere kant (rechts)van de metro in de Guyanese supers. Bij de eigenaar en kok van dit restaurant kan je ook de Sur activititeiten vernemen zoals sranang dey ivm 25 November.

    • Hoi Stanley,

      Toevallig ben ik er pas geleden geweest en we zijn er niet zo heel erg van onder de indruk. De smaak komt niet ‘echt’ in de buurt van het lekkere Surinaamse eten in Suriname. Je andere tips neem ik wel ter harte!

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